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Discover the ultimate WhatsApp tool that will elevate your conversion rates and drive your business profits to new heights - all without the need for technical expertise.

Convert your leads into recurring sales with ease and speed.

  • Elevate Your Conversion Rates to Unprecedented Heights.

  • Transform Leads and Single-Purchase Customers into Loyal, Repeat Clients.

  • Foster a Connection with Your Audience Based on Shared Values.

  • Augment Your LIVE Event Attendance Rates by a Remarkable 60%.

  • Maximize Your Earnings Through Strategic Retargeting Efforts.

  • Unlock the Full Capabilities of Your Coaching Enterprise.

Introducing a robust WhatsApp automation platform
designed specifically for Consultants & Coaches!

Join over 1000+ consultants and coaches who are currently utilizing the Advanced WhatsApp automation tool to establish meaningful connections with their users and transform their businesses into highly profitable ventures by effectively converting leads into recurring sales!


Whatsapp Automation

Plans to suit all Budget 

Whatsapp Automation & Bulk Messaging features with Affordable Pricing Plan for All

Monthly & Quarterly Subscription Plans Detailed Features Comparison

Unlimited Messaging To


Contacts per Day

Plan Features & Details

Unique Numbers per Day: 500

Messages per Day: Unlimited*

Groups = 5

Programs = 4

Chatbots = 8

Monthly Price: ₹699

Half Yearly Price: ₹3,499

Yearly Price: ₹6,899

Most Popular

Unlimited Messaging To


Contacts per Day

Plan Features & Details

Unique Numbers per Day: 1000

Messages per Day: Unlimited*

Groups = 25

Programs = 10

Chatbots = 28

Monthly Price: ₹999

Half Yearly Price: ₹4,999

Yearly Price: ₹9,899

Unlimited Messaging To


Contacts per Day

Plan Features & Details

Unique Numbers per Day: 3000

Messages per Day: Unlimited*

Groups = 60

Programs = 15

Chatbots = 50

Monthly Price: ₹2299

Half Yearly Price: ₹11,499

Yearly Price: ₹22,899

Messages per Day: Unlimited*- Every 24 Hrs You Can Send Messages (Schedule Messages + Program Daily Messages) To your unique contacts As Per Your Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

How can I connect my WhatsApp with this tool?

Scan QR code in our tool, like you do with WhatsApp web.

Whether my device need to be active always with internet enabled?

No, it works exactly like current WhatsApp web - while scanning only it need to be active and internet needed.

How to save your WhatsApp Account from Ban issues?

When using our bulk WhatsApp marketing software, it is crucial to follow the safety instructions provided by our expert team. By adhering to these instructions and configuring the software settings accordingly, you can avoid any potential issues or bans when sending messages in bulk to unknown customers. Access to all the safety instructions will be provided upon software activation.

Can I send attachments (image/video/document)?

Yes, attachments are supported! You can easily send and receive various types of files, including images, videos, and documents.

Will WhatsApp band me if I send bulk messages?

Maybe, it depends on what you send.

Let’s see why number gets banned:
In one line, if multiple people report your number as spam, WhatsApp will ban your number. In short: it depends on what you send.
And if you want to avoid banning then you need to make sure that you do not fall in the above category.

Once reported by users, you will be banned immediately, and we are not responsible for your actions.

How can we avoid banning?

1.Do not send a tremendous amount of the same message. If you have to do this, please set a larger sending interval and add a timestamp at the end of the message, and most importantly we recommend that you send a personalized message to the contact who know you.

2.Try to avoid being reported by the recipient. After being reported by 2-5 people, the account will be permanently banned: follow WhatsApp rules and use our tool reasonably, do not send spam messages and hard-sell advertising, it is recommended to add an apology option to let the recipient reply instead of reporting you.

3. To ensure the safety of sending bulk messages to your contacts, it is important to have them save your number in their phone. Make it a habit to ask every new person you come across to save your number.

My number has been blocked, what should I do?

You can contact our customer service❤️
Verify the Block: Ensure WhatsApp has indeed blocked your number.

Contact Support: Email support@whatsapp.com with your number in full international format, explaining the situation.

Wait Patiently: Allow time for WhatsApp's response.

Follow Rules: Upon resolution, strictly adhere to WhatsApp's rules to avoid future blocks.

New Account: If unresolved, consider a new number and account. Use it responsibly following WhatsApp's guidelines.

Transform your leads into loyal customers effortlessly with our 

Advanced Whatsapp Automation platform designed to engage and convert.

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